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Is This Some Kinky New Fetish….

Just a quick note tonight. I’ve just spent the past hour going through my comments spam filter. Of the nearly 300 spam comments there, about 150 of them were for piano benches. Another 75 or so were about banana nut muffins. Those seem like awful high numbers for just random spam. So I’m thinking that there must be some strange kink or fetish that involves piano benches and banana nut muffins. Its either that or those are code words for something else. I didn’t follow any of the links in those comments, mostly because I really didn’t want to know and was really kind of afraid of what I might come across.

I think it would be so much more entertaining if we let our minds wonder on this one. I really want to know what people think about this. Comment on this post, and use the word “Piano Bench and Banana Nut Muffin” in the post so that if it does end up in the spam filter I know not to delete it. Let’s be creative but remember this is a family site so keep your comments rated pg or pg13.