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What Does This Mean?

May 13, 2012 2 comments


That’s exactly what you should be thinking.  Also add to that high fructose corn syrup.  Because when they take out the fat from foods, they have to replace it with something.

You know what doesn’t have fat?  Fruits and vegetables.  They also don’t have added high fructose corn syrup, and if they’re organic no added chemicals.  Even if you don’t buy organic, fruits and vegetables don’t absorb substantial amounts of chemicals through their skins so you need to peel or wash them before eating.  Regardless, NO FAT or LOW FAT in fruits and vegetables.

You want to avoid fat in fruits and vegetables then here’s the list of foods not to eat.  Note, these are real foods not chemical laden pseudo foods brought to you by those large food manufacturers like Con Agra.




Guess what, that’s it.  There are only three real, non-animal, foods that are high in fat.  I know you could always say that there are vegetable oils, soy bean oil, and corn oil, so there must be fat in them.  Yes, but not a significant amount that it can be squeezed out.  No those oils are chemically extracted from their host vegetables and are absolutely not good for you.

You want to be healthy and lose weight, eat real food.  If it comes sealed in a package it shouldn’t be considered food ever.  If you can’t pronounce even one of the ingredients, IT ISN”T REAL FOOD.


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