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Opium, Morphine, and Methadone…

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

I have a problem.  Maybe a habit is more like it..  I suppose I should really call it what it really is, an addiction.  I’ve often reverted to it in times of stress, when I needed to keep going no matter what.  Its lead me into many problem situations and has caused innumerable problems for me.

My wife would argue that my problem is TV.  She’s actually wrong though.  I enjoy TV, but its not a problem for me.  I just like the noise, movement, and stories it tells me.

No, my real problem, my addiction, is sugar. 

Sugar leads to over eating.

Overeating leads to health problems.

Some of those health problems then lead to a serious lack of desire to move.

I’ve been trying to quit for years.  I thought I could get off the sugar by going with “diet” products.  No sugar, zero calorie, all those promises of better health without sacrificing dessert and sodas.  Unfortunately, there are all sorts of health destroying properties in artificial sweeteners that they’re only now starting to tell us about.  So I stopped using “diet” products and artificial sweeteners over a year ago and when I wanted something sweet just went with sugar.  Unfortunately most commercially available sweets use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is just as bad, only in different ways than artificial sweeteners.


I cut out those HFCS products, which actually also includes many things that aren’t sweet, but include the sugars to make them more palatable.  Let’s be real here, the food industry figured out long ago that adding sugar to food makes people want to east more of it.  HFCS is just cheaper than sugar and mixes far easier than sugar.  Ok I figured if I wanted something sweet, then real sugar, cane or beet, might be acceptable for a treat.

But sleepless nights and stress lead to bad choices and a return to bad habits.  I’ve been eating way too much sugar here lately.  Its adding to my stress levels.  Causing me sleepless nights.  And tonight, terrible stomach upset, such that I’m up writing this rather than sleeping. 

I have to break this habit… This addiction. 

I have to start now.

It can’t wait.

So I was trying to think of an analogy to use to bring this discussion onto focus.  How to connect sugar to something generally accepted as addictive that has a “natural”, refined, and artificial state.  That lead to this analogy:

Sugar is to opium     (natural form)

HFCS is to morphine    (refined form)

Aspartame is to methadone  (artificial form)

Hence the title.  Addiction is addiction regardless of the substance and addiction needs to be dealt with.  It really doesn’t matter that one substance is illegal.  The truth is, I think sugar is worse because its everywhere, in everything.  Hard to avoid because people have to eat.

There I’ve said it.  I have a problem.  I’m addicted to sugar, and the only way I can break it is to never eat it again in any form.  None at all regardless of what society says. 





What Does This Mean?

May 13, 2012 2 comments


That’s exactly what you should be thinking.  Also add to that high fructose corn syrup.  Because when they take out the fat from foods, they have to replace it with something.

You know what doesn’t have fat?  Fruits and vegetables.  They also don’t have added high fructose corn syrup, and if they’re organic no added chemicals.  Even if you don’t buy organic, fruits and vegetables don’t absorb substantial amounts of chemicals through their skins so you need to peel or wash them before eating.  Regardless, NO FAT or LOW FAT in fruits and vegetables.

You want to avoid fat in fruits and vegetables then here’s the list of foods not to eat.  Note, these are real foods not chemical laden pseudo foods brought to you by those large food manufacturers like Con Agra.




Guess what, that’s it.  There are only three real, non-animal, foods that are high in fat.  I know you could always say that there are vegetable oils, soy bean oil, and corn oil, so there must be fat in them.  Yes, but not a significant amount that it can be squeezed out.  No those oils are chemically extracted from their host vegetables and are absolutely not good for you.

You want to be healthy and lose weight, eat real food.  If it comes sealed in a package it shouldn’t be considered food ever.  If you can’t pronounce even one of the ingredients, IT ISN”T REAL FOOD.


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I Can’t Say This Any Better…

March 21, 2012 Leave a comment

So I’ll just post the whole thing here. I’m sure they won’t mind me helping to get the word out.


The science is clear. BPA is dangerous. It’s time for FDA to stop allowing BPA to be used in our food packaging. Send a message to the FDA before its March 31st decision.

The FDA decides on March 31st if it will ban BPA in food packaging.
Dear Friend,

The toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) was recently banned in California from being used in baby bottles and sippy cups.

But thanks to the lobbying of the American Chemistry Council and other chemical manufacturers, BPA continues to be allowed in food and beverage packaging including the lining in most canned food and soup.

The FDA can put a stop to it. The agency will decide on March 31st whether or not to continue allowing bisphenol A (BPA) to be used in food packaging. It needs to stand up to industry pressure and protect us from this dangerous chemical.

Tell the FDA: No BPA in food packaging!
BPA is a hormone disruptor that has been linked to a long list of serious health issues, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, early puberty, miscarriages and brain and heart disorders.1

It’s so ubiquitous, it’s even used in things like store receipts and plastic bags, and it is estimated that BPA can be found in 90% of our bodies.2

FDA’s deadline comes in response to a formal petition filed in 2008 by the Natural Resources Defence Council. FDA failed to respond, and finally in December, a federal judge said it must make a final decision on BPA in food packaging by March 31st.3

Early last year, FDA admitted that BPA use raised “some concern,” reversing a long maintained position that BPA was safe in low doses, as evidence mounted rapidly of BPA’s health risks, which in addition to increased propensity for some diseases, include infertility and behavioral problems in children.

The science on BPA is clear, and its health impacts are far reaching, and deeply concerning. BPA isn’t safe to be used in food packaging and the FDA needs to take action to protect us from BPA:

Take Action Now

Thank you for fighting to keep us safe from toxic chemicals.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

New Research Every Day…

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

On a daily basis I read articles, see news stories, hear pundits, experts and crackpots, telling me what to eat.

Eat these five foods to prevent cancer.

Foods to eat now to jump start your weightloss.

End obesity now, eat this.

Prevent heart disease by eating more of this.

New foods high in antioxidants.

I’ve always believed that food is good medicine, but this is taking it way too far.  The way some of these read you would expect that the FDA to have them classified as drugs.  Some of them, if the claims are to be believed, should require a prescription.  Other ones you would think should be illegal, classified as a drug.  Wouldn’t be funny to see the police busting down doors and hauling people away for having an ounce of pomegranate seeds.

The biggest problem I see with all these kind of articles and stories is that they all seem to espouse the same thing.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Eat even more whole grain foods because these are the magic foods that will make you thin, live forever, and keep you from having any kind of cancer.  While I can get behind the eating of more vegetables, I can’t agree with eating more grain.

You see, the plagues of the modern age, heart disease, cancer, obesity, began long ago when man started farming and domesticated grains.  And its only gotten worse through genetic manipulation of grain plants, making the yield greater.   Dr. William Davis, discussed this in his book Wheat Belly.  He says that there is a certain physical shape, that of the belly being distended and bloated, that he sees in his practice that indicated a diet high in wheat and grain products.  Dr. Davis, is a cardiologist by the way.  His patients are predominantly over weight, heart disease sufferers.  I, like he, see the correlation between a diet high in grains, whole or otherwise, and obesity and heart disease.  Yet the USDA and FDA still push the company line that grain is good.

The best advise I can give for people wanting to lose weight, prevent heart disease, and all the problems of aging.  Don’t eat grains.

Viral Video… Another Killer Chemical We Haven’t Been Told About

July 21, 2011 3 comments

Where do I start?

Cute little kid who’s so obviously being used and scripted by an organic convert parent or grandparent?

Or killer chemical we’ve all ingested and have never been told about?

Ok, let’s start with the video.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is.

If you didn’t watch it, the idea of the video is this little girl and her grandmother did an experiment on how long it took  a sweet potato to sprout and grow vines.  First they bought a sweet potato at the grocery store and nothing happened.  Went back to the store and replaced the potato, again nothing.  Went back and talked to the produce guy who told them that the potato they buy in the store won’t sprout.  Its sprayed with a chemical with a trade name of Bud Nip that prevents sprouting.  He suggested one of their organic sweet potatoes.  They did and got some small scrawny sprouts.  Then they went to a real organic grocery store and got a truly organic potato.  Which sprouted in a week and when the video was shot the vines were 2 to 3 feet long. Then she talks about the Bud Nip and how bad it is for you.

First off, I applaud the child and grandmother doing experiments.  I’m all for that sort of thing.

Second, PARENTS how dare you exploit your child like that.  Shame on you and/or the grandparents for using your kid as a shill for your political agenda.  Listen, its a good message, but let your kid be a kid, not some sort of pawn in your game.  We all know that this little girl didn’t come up with this on her own.

So, done with the cute.

Bud Nip, or as its known in scientific circles, chlorpropham.  Using the fewest words, this is a preemergence growth inhibitor.  In simple terms, it keeps plants from sprouting.  If you spray it on your lawn in the spring just after the grass turns green, it will keep the weeds from sprouting and growing.  Spray it on a farm field a few weeks before planting and the weeds don’t come up but the seeds you plant will.  The reason you can plant shortly after using it is because its VERY soluble in water.  So when it rains, it washes through the soil and into the water table (problem number one).

That’s how its suppose to be used.  Unfortunately someone always finds a new use for those wonderful chemicals that make our modern lives livable.  Dupont’s tag line was, “Better living through chemistry.”  When they used it people thought it was a real positive thing.  Chemicals were going to make the world a better place.


So how are they using chlorpropham?  Well, like the little girl says, they’re spraying it on sweet potatoes.  They actually spray it on all root vegetables.  Those carrots, beets and potatoes have a nasty habit of sprouting and using all their stored energy and nutrients to make roots, stems and leaves.  Its not just root vegetables though.  Most of the produce we eat, especially fruits, legumes,  and seeds get treated with it too.  Because just like their root vegetable brethren seeds live to sprout.  About the only thing in the produce section that isn’t sprayed with this stuff are leafy greens like lettuce and spinach, and they have their own chemical dependency issues.

If they’re spraying it on, how can it be so bad?  This doesn’t just sit on the surface, no it soaks into the vegetable, permeating the cell walls all the way to the heart of the vegetable or fruit.  Remember, I said its highly water soluble, and fruits and vegetables have a lot of water in them.  So, it can’t be washed off (problem number two).

Ok, let’s get specific here.  This is a toxic substance.  Acute toxicity has been shown to cause permanent degenerative changes in the liver and kidneys of laboratory animals.  Not to mention deadly congestion of the brain, lungs, and other organs.  There’s a disease that kills thousands of people every year called congestive heart failure, its where the area around the heart fills with liquid and basically prevents the heart from beating fully if at all (problem number three).  This is the kind of congestion they’re talking about.  Acute toxicity is a case where you are exposed to a large dose of it all at once.  Unless you live or work on a farm where this stuff is being used acute exposure isn’t very likely.

So, if acute exposure isn’t likely then what does it matter.  Another side of the toxicity issue is chronic toxicity.  That’s where it builds up in your system over time, much like lead, mercury, or arsenic.  The chronic effects range from retarded growth to death.  The reproductive issues are just as bad with this chemical having the ability to cross the mother’s placenta to be introduced into the developing fetus.   Long term exposure has also been shown to cause cancer.  This stuff builds up in our food supply and therefor in us (problem number four).

Why then do they use this stuff?  Simple, economics.  If they spray this stuff on the vegetables, they don’t have to be as careful in temperature control.  It also means that the vegetables will keep longer in the store.  That means less waste that store has to write off, which means more profit for the stores.  Of course the flip side of that is that since the store won’t have to write off as much, they’ll lower the price of produce.


I had to try to write that last one a few times.  I couldn’t keep from laughing.  Yeah, the grocery store is going to lower its produce prices because they don’t have to throw as much away.

So farmers use it because if their products don’t sprout they look better for the buyers.  The buyers like it because it means they don’t have to be as careful getting it to the distributors.  The distributors like it because they don’t have to rush it to the markets and it can sit in warehouses longer.  Stores like it because produce lasts longer on the shelf.  All around, they all like it because it increases their profits.

Even at the expense of the health of the population…

Oh, and no one wants to talk about it because it taints the image of the good, wholesome produce section.  They are poisoning our food and water supply, as well as the dirt we grow our food in.  This is major corporations and our government waging a war on the public…

This is true terrorism.

It needs to be exposed.

Child Abuse, Know It Alls, Welfare and Obesity…

July 18, 2011 1 comment

By now you’ve all read or heard about the article written by Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Harvard-affiliated Children’s Hospital Boston, where in he claims that parents of obese children are guilty of child abuse.  He’s calling for state intervention and removal of the child to foster care because in his opinion its obvious that the parents are incapable of caring for their child.  Of course he tempers his statement by saying that “State intervention ‘ideally will support not just the child but the whole family, with the goal of reuniting child and family as soon as possible. That may require instruction on parenting,’.”

What the hell?  This guy thinks that parents are what, shoving crappy food down their kid’s throats?  Let’s be perfectly honest.  This learned man, this professor, this doctor, has a bias, a prejudice if you will, against people on welfare, against the poor and underprivileged.  After all, those are the people who’s children are obese.  Those are the people who can’t, don’t, or refuse to feed their children good healthy food.

Ok, I’ll be honest about myself.  I have ranted about the poor feeding their kids crap food.  I’ve ranted about people claiming they can’t feed their families good healthy meals on the money they get from social services every month.  An article several months ago set me off because the woman interviewed said she couldn’t feed her family a healthy diet on $600 a month.  I figured out in short order how to do it.  But I also understand that most of these parents are trying their best with the information they have.

I mean really, this doctor is missing the disease because like the rest of his profession he’s more focused on the symptoms.  Guess what!?!  You can’t cure anything if you just treat the symptoms.

The problem isn’t the children.

The problem isn’t the parents.

The problem isn’t even the social services system.

So, what do I see that this doctor is missing?

What I see is really simple and yet largely complex.

As for those poor people that “abuse” their children, the people that Dr. Ludwig dislikes so much that he advocates taking the children away and breaking up families thereby emotionally scaring the children even more regarding their weight.  Those children are handicapped by the fact that their one “nutritionally sound” meal a day is provided by the school.  WAIT A MOMENT!   I’ve talked about this before.  The “nutritionally sound” meals offered by the schools is utter crap provided by companies like Sodexo.  The same company that provides food for prisons.  A typical lunch in my daughter’s school is something like; chicken nuggets, french fries, chocolate, strawberry, or plain milk, and some canned fruit. Nothing fresh, all prepackaged.  I asked the principal when I saw the salad bar setup, and she told me they offer salad bar 2 or 3 times a month.  Pancakes or waffles and sausage are another common lunch choice in the schools and guess what, this is offered more often than that salad bar every month.


But what got us these crap lunches in schools?  I talked about that before when I wrote about the lie of the food pyramid.  And now they’ve changed that to be a plate showing that we should eat certain portions of food groups.  Its the same information, in the same proportions, just laid out in a different way.  And its put out by the same USDA that put out the food pyramid.  And they are lying to us.

Next, ask any 2 year old what the golden arches are and they’ll know right away.  Ask a 4 year old who are Trix for.  They’ll be able to tell you.  Somehow, even kids who are never exposed to television know these things.  This is a MAJOR PLAGUE on our children.  Look at this one Doctor Ludwig.  The advertising and public relations parasites who are promoting the poisoning of our nation are a huge part of the obesity problem.

Here is the true face of the evil afflicting our children

Julio Iglesia and Ronald McDonald

No, not Julio Iglesia, Ronald McDonald.  From Ron’s Wikipedia page:

“The smile known around the world,” Ronald McDonald is second only to Santa Claus in terms of recognition. (According to one survey, 96% of all school kids in the United States of America recognize Ronald (”

And they have been using this clown to push their crap in ever larger portions down our throats for the past 48 years!  No wonder people think clowns are scary.  They are, but the killer clowns don’t come from outer space.

Then there’s my other most hated figure.

Chester Cheeta:      



Does he remind you of anyone?   


Yea, just put a cigarette in Chester’s mouth and we can kill our children in two ways. Hey, why not put a martini in his hand and cover all our bases.  Why is it that parents were so outraged that the cigarette industry should turn to a cartoon character for advertising but could care less that junk food, fast food crap, and high sugar cereals are advertised to their children with cartoons and freaking clowns!  And it is everywhere.  From the breakfast table to the dinner table.  You could literally serve kids all day on cartoon characters!

Breakfast?  The Trix rabbit, or Lucky Charms Leprechaun.

Lunch?   How about the cartoon kids on the Oscar Mayer Lunchables box.

Snacks?  Let’s hear it for Chester.

Dinner?  Kid Cuisine and ConAgra’s, umm, penguin, I think.

Dessert?  Welcome the Keebler Elves


Dr. Ludwig get your head out of your ass and stop blaming the victims.  Put the blame where the blame is due.  Yes the parents COULD do better, but no one ever taught them how to eat properly.  Doctor, you and your ilk, are also part of the problem.  You find it so easy to blame the victims, to look only at the symptoms, to see only the surface of the problem, that nothing you ever do or say on the subject will ever make a difference.













They ARE Trying To KILL US!!!

July 7, 2011 1 comment

I think someone out there is trying to make my head explode.  I’m finding all this information on food that just scares the hell out of me.  It’s making me really mad.

Tonight after dinner I was scanning the headlines on Yahoo.  Just trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world and all.  So I read this one:  Top 10 Scariest Food Additives.  This article is all about very common food additives and how they aren’t at all good for us.

They range from Ammonium Sulfate which seems benign.  So far they haven’t found it to be harmful though it has fallen under suspicion.  People its a fertilizer and fire retardant.  Somehow, that just doesn’t seem like it would be the best thing to be putting in our bodies.

In the middle of the pack are the asthma inducers like Sulfites and Azodicarbonamide.  While not the most dangerous of them, unless you’re an asthma sufferer.  If they can induce an asthma attack in those sensitive to them, just what kind of impact can they have on people with healthy lungs?  Can they actually cause some airway restriction?  And what about those people who don’t have asthma, but do have diminished lung function for other reasons?

Also in the middle is Olestra.  Ok, diarrhea might not be the worst thing.  Embarrassing, yes.  By itself not really deadly unless it becomes severe and is accompanied with dehydration.  More important to know about it is that it is thought to block absorption of fat soluble vitamins.  Since it can’t be broken down in the body and passes straight through the intestines, it carries the nutrients through your system without releasing them for use in the body.  So you end up malnourished.  And recent studies are leading to the conclusion that it can cause you to gain weight.

Lastly, there are the killers.  Cancer, heart disease, and stroke are all known as possible outcomes of ingesting these.   From the caramel coloring that’s in pretty much everything to Saccharin which is a cheap, zero calorie, sweetener.  Cancer is the danger of using these.  Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is know well to clog arteries which would lead to heart attack or stroke.

The common thread among all these though is; each and everyone of them is banned in other countries but not the United States.  No, here the FDA tells us that they’re all perfectly safe.  And we all know that the US government would never lie to the American people.

The only way we’re going to get them to stop poisoning us is to vote with our wallets.  Read the ingredient labels, and just don’t buy any product that has any of these additives in them.    Maybe then the food companies would take notice and stop putting them in our food.  Read people.  Educate yourselves.  Then start asking questions of yourselves, your food providers and your congressmen.  Make them know you won’t hold still for them trying to kill us all.