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Opium, Morphine, and Methadone…

I have a problem.  Maybe a habit is more like it..  I suppose I should really call it what it really is, an addiction.  I’ve often reverted to it in times of stress, when I needed to keep going no matter what.  Its lead me into many problem situations and has caused innumerable problems for me.

My wife would argue that my problem is TV.  She’s actually wrong though.  I enjoy TV, but its not a problem for me.  I just like the noise, movement, and stories it tells me.

No, my real problem, my addiction, is sugar. 

Sugar leads to over eating.

Overeating leads to health problems.

Some of those health problems then lead to a serious lack of desire to move.

I’ve been trying to quit for years.  I thought I could get off the sugar by going with “diet” products.  No sugar, zero calorie, all those promises of better health without sacrificing dessert and sodas.  Unfortunately, there are all sorts of health destroying properties in artificial sweeteners that they’re only now starting to tell us about.  So I stopped using “diet” products and artificial sweeteners over a year ago and when I wanted something sweet just went with sugar.  Unfortunately most commercially available sweets use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is just as bad, only in different ways than artificial sweeteners.


I cut out those HFCS products, which actually also includes many things that aren’t sweet, but include the sugars to make them more palatable.  Let’s be real here, the food industry figured out long ago that adding sugar to food makes people want to east more of it.  HFCS is just cheaper than sugar and mixes far easier than sugar.  Ok I figured if I wanted something sweet, then real sugar, cane or beet, might be acceptable for a treat.

But sleepless nights and stress lead to bad choices and a return to bad habits.  I’ve been eating way too much sugar here lately.  Its adding to my stress levels.  Causing me sleepless nights.  And tonight, terrible stomach upset, such that I’m up writing this rather than sleeping. 

I have to break this habit… This addiction. 

I have to start now.

It can’t wait.

So I was trying to think of an analogy to use to bring this discussion onto focus.  How to connect sugar to something generally accepted as addictive that has a “natural”, refined, and artificial state.  That lead to this analogy:

Sugar is to opium     (natural form)

HFCS is to morphine    (refined form)

Aspartame is to methadone  (artificial form)

Hence the title.  Addiction is addiction regardless of the substance and addiction needs to be dealt with.  It really doesn’t matter that one substance is illegal.  The truth is, I think sugar is worse because its everywhere, in everything.  Hard to avoid because people have to eat.

There I’ve said it.  I have a problem.  I’m addicted to sugar, and the only way I can break it is to never eat it again in any form.  None at all regardless of what society says. 




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