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What Does It Take To Fuel A Blog…


Avery Brewing Co.  Boulder Co.  The Reverend Belgian style quadruple ale.

Well ok, maybe not, depending on what you plasm on writing and the time of day.  Mornings I would have to go with coffee.  In the evening though, this high gravity ale is a winner.  The 10% ABV certainly will loosen the tongue. 

So beside evening blogging, what would I pair this with?  Avery’s website suggests gyros or spicy mussels, which I’m not entirely down with.  I think gyros are too greasy, at least the ones I’ve had, and spicy might not go well either.  You see this is a very sweet ale given the high alcohol content which is a result of a very high original specific gravity.  So greasy food would make for a very heavy meal.  The sweetness would be lost in spiciness.

I would Almost say that this, in small quantities, would go well with dessert.  Maybe a tart cherry pie or spice cake.  Or with a savory entre’ of herbed chicken or salmon, maybe even a very simple steamed crab, shrimp, or cockles and mussels.

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