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Test Posting…

Good afternoon…

This is a test posting because I’m testing to see if a tablet is even a good viable option for me and the work I do. See, I bought a Barnes and Noble Nook Color. I loved my original Nook, but my daughter wanted it to read her books on. I also had the intention of rooting the new Nook right away to make it more of a tablet. Last night I finally got it rooted with everything working like it should.

I guess I should givesome impressions of the Nook Color. As it stood, unrooted, it is a very nice psudeo-tablet/ebook reader. Upgrading to Nook OS 1.2 made it even more tablet like, enabled Flash, and gave access to the Nook app store. For many people, that would be enough. Not for me. I have a policy, if I paid for it, its mine. I want to do what I want to with it, not be told what I can do with the hardware I bought. Yes, I’ve always been a bit of a hacker. Thus, I rooted the Nook Color. Now I have a very capable tablet that happens to be an outstanding book reader. Not only does it rock the Nook software, but just because it really amuses me, I have the Amazon Kindle software on it.

More thoughts on it to come…

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