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Now that we’re past the event…

Can I just say one thing?

I hate Valentine’s Day.

No, I don’t hate love, or anything like that. I hate the idea that the greeting card, flower, and candy companies think that we need a special day to express our love. Further I hate the whole stigma of the day for anyone who’s not in a relationship. Who gives anyone the right to think that just because someone isn’t in a relationship on February 14th that makes them a pathetic loser or unlovable. Then there’s the whole issue of not having a date on that one day.

Who needs that!

People if you have to wait for a special day to say I love you, make it something really meaningful. Remember the day of your first date, or the birth of your children. Make it your day, not the greeting card, flower and candy company’s. Heck, make it every day! Go find the people you love right now and say, “I love you.”

And for those of you not in a “relationship”, well if you have family you have people who love you. If you have friends, you have people who love you. Don’t let them tell you that the only loving relationship that matters is a romantic one. Stand up and give love to everyone you know, and while you’re at it throw in some self love too.

As for needing a date on Valentine’s day; Oh MY GOD! Do you really need that kind of pressure? Dating is bad enough. First dates are horrible. A first date on Valentine’s day? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. So give yourself a break. Take the pressure off and just enjoy a day without feeling the pressure from those around you.

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  1. Sue Madden
    February 16, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Quit trying to get a first date on Valentines day… Geeeezzzzzz

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