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Instant miso from the dollar store. It won’t kill you.

My sister and I work for the same company, though in different departments.  The company dumped the lease on the office building her department was in so she moved into an empty office in my department’s building.  So about a year ago or so she brought me a package of instant miso.

Figuring I like Japanese food, I should like miso.  Let me say I’m not a huge fan of anything labeled instant.  And as you can see in the picture, it came from the dollar store which just inspires so much confidence in the quality of the product.  Needless to say, I wasn’t in any hurry to try this stuff.  About a week ago though I was hungry at work in the afternoon and rather than get a candy bar or bag of chips, I though, “What’s the worst that could happen?”  I seem to be thinking that an awful lot here lately.  And yes, there’s another post in that somewhere.

I opened up the pouch and found three little pouches like this one:

So for the buck she spent on me, I get to try this stuff three times.  Oh joy.  Again, instant miso; from the dollar store; not really confident.  I’m thinking crushed up bouillon cube in a pouch, with all the salt and none of the artificial chicken or beef flavor I remember from my childhood.  I endeavored none the less.  After all, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

I slit open the pouch and poured the contents into a small bowl.

It looked pretty much like I expected it to look, except for the dry green flakes of vegetable matter and the white lumps.  Gee those things look just like the dry marshmallows you find in breakfast cereal and instant hot chocolate mix.  There’s that word again, instant, it just instills confidence in the product doesn’t it?

With my water coming just off the boil, I braved the possibilities and poured some water into my bowl.  Gave it a quick stir and a little time to rehydrate.  I do believe that for a few moments there it was fizzing.  I almost got scared and took it to the sink.  I’m not use to soup fizzing and it was making me a little uncomfortable.

Soldiering forward, I dipped my spoon in and brought a bit to my lips.  A gentle blow to cool it.  I steeled my nerves, opened my mouth and put the spoon in.  Of course I hesitated closing my mouth, quickly seeing my life flash before my eyes with the tag line, “What’s the worst that could happen?”  I closed my mouth and swallowed, drawing the brackish liquid from the spoon…

I didn’t gag.

I didn’t spit it out.

As we can see I didn’t die.

All three of which I was afraid might happen.  Ok, maybe not die, but it is instant miso from the dollar store.  Again not really having high hopes here.

In actuality it wasn’t horrible.  Pretty much what I expected only not nearly as salty.  The dry green flakes turned out to be dehydrated green onion and kombu.  The marshmallowy looking things dehydrated tofu.  Both of which could have been left out because they were absolutely tasteless.  Definitely could be improved upon.  Some bonito flakes, fresh onion, a bit of ginger, fresh tofu and a couple of shrimp, would have taken it a long way.  On the other hand, as a quick snack it was workable.

So there you have it.  Instant miso soup from the dollar store.  It won’t kill you.

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