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Outline for the beginner cook’s series…

I’ve been thinking about the kinds of things that beginning cooks need to learn.

I’m going to start with equipment, what you really need, how much you should spend, where you should buy.

I’ll move onto using what you’ve just bought.  How to use the equipment to get the most out of it and be safe while doing things.

Next we’ll talk about foods, what to do with them, how the equipment works with each food.  I’ll also cover how to make the most of special ingredients so you to make amazing dishes out of primarily inexpensive ingredients.

After that I’ll start putting it all together.  Demonstrating how all this comes together as something to put on the plate.  Over the course of this section, I’ll cover the basics of a multi-course meal.  Starting from the most simple of salads and working through to dessert.  These will be single dishes though without any need for timing things so they get done together.

Lastly, we’ll be working on an entire meal.  Probably not a formal multi-course meal, more likely a casual dinner.   Bringing all the elements from the very beginning of the series together.   We’ll also talk about preparation and timing, because you really want your food coming together on the plate all at once.

I’m not sure just how many videos this will include, but my goal is to keep them short and informative.  At least until we get to the later lessons.  Most dishes won’t  compress into a segment under 10 minutes , but I’ll try.   Hopefully I’ll be getting to work on the videos in the next few days.  First I’ll need to find the right place to do the videos, or clean up my kitchen so that its more photogenic.

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