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The Follow Up on My Recipe Conversions…

So, you can’t just take a bread recipe and substitute the all purpose flour blend cup for cup like the bag says. Without the gluten in wheat flour there just isn’t enough elastic protein. You need to add some protein to the mix.

Now, for the pizza crust, substituting half the water in my boule’ recipe worked well. I was able to roll out nice thin crusts, sorry no tossing, and since I wasn’t making pizza until later, I wrapped, stacked and put them in the freezer. Then when dinner time came around it was just a matter of prebaking them before topping them and finishing. The crusts turned out excellent. Thin and crispy without being weirdly crumbly like the crust on the gluten free store bought pizzas we’ve tried.

Bread on the other hand, because it needs to rise, needs even more stretchy proteins. So I added an egg to the mix. Ok, I added it after I realized that the bread wasn’t going to rise because the CO2 was just leaking out. But I added the egg, and a little more flour, along with some more proofed yeast just to be sure. Formed the loaf and then because other duties called, I put the loaf in the refrigerator over night. The next morning, I baked pulled it out, let it warm, and baked it. It turned out fairly well. Not as light and fluffy as I would have hoped, but not dense and crumbly like the commercial breads. I’m hoping that the addition of something like xanthan gum might help give it some more CO2 holding ability. That and baking it earlier. We’ll have to see.

So there is my first attempt at converting a gluten filled bread recipe into a gluten free bread. Overall it didn’t turn out too bad. Worked really well as a pizza crust and somewhat decently as a bread. More to come on those endeavors.

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