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Family Day in the Fine Art Food Kitchen

Today as a family we made my wife’s grandmother’s and great aunt’s recipes for borscht and petahe. The petehe, or as the rest of the world knows them pyrogie, are what I’m interested in today. More so the dough used to make them.

So the big challenge was to make them gluten free. I think we managed quite well. We used Meister’s All Purpose gluten free flour.

So here’s what I learned:

You definitely need to add extra protein to them mix in the form of 2 additional egg yokes.

Water needs to be increased by up to 25%, but be careful because you don’t want to over do that.

The dough will be very sticky, but that actually works to your advantage after rolling and cutting. By working in small batches you can add the worked dough into some fresh and keep it workable.

Gluten is what helps the edges of wheat doughs stick together well. Its not the starch in the flour contrary to popular belief. So you have to apply other techniques to make it stick together.

First, don’t let the surface of the dough dry. Keep it under wraps so that it remains just slightly moist.

Second, without the gluten, pressing the dough together just won’t work. A mechanical means of interlocking the edge is needed. That highly specialized tool, a fork. Use the tines to press the edges together and get them to interlock.

Three, better to keep your dough moist and use something to press the edge together, because brushing water on the edge only made it harder to get to stick. I do have to try making a slurry with potato or corn starch slurry to a binding starch to the edge.

At any rate we were able to come up with a decent petahe. Not perfect, but at least as good as any store bought pyrogie we’ve tried in the past. I’m sure that because my wife and daughter like they’re petahe I’ll have ample opportunities to work on the recipe.

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