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It’s official…

I have a gluten sensitivity at the very least.

I was doing so good. I hadn’t had gluten in three weeks. Then yesterday I took my daughter to Famous Dave’s for a quick lunch. I though I was being so careful. I asked that there be no bread on my plate. It was simple, no bread, be careful about the rest of the foods. Meat, beans, french fries, and corn sounded safe enough. Then the food arrived. Along with the rest came that unassuming and delicious corn muffin.

That unassuming, delicious, and totally evil corn muffin.

Not thinking, I ate half the top, the best most tasty part. Last night I couldn’t sleep. Today I woke up a total wreck. My body was stiff and sore from head to toe. Evil corn muffins.

So life goes on and it will be filled with meats, vegetables, and fruits. And unless I’m totally positive that it’s gluten free no bread of any kind.

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