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What in the Hell Are We Doing To Ourselves?

While taking a break from my arduous workload today, I was leafing through a copy of Delicious Living that I had picked up at the natural food store. There on the final page much to my surprise and chagrin is an article on the use of antibiotics in our meats. Here’s the article, I’ll wait while you go ahead and read it. It’s short, I can wait. http://ping.fm/KIiB2

Now we all know that the over use of antibiotics in humans is creating resistant strains of bacteria and germs. It is also contributing to a general decrease in the efficacy of our immune systems to deal with disease. What we’re ending up with is better stronger bugs and weaker immune systems. But to see that the majority of antibiotics manufactured is being fed to healthy livestock just to keep it healthy. Oy! No wonder germs and bacteria are getting more and more deadly.

Ah better living through chemistry. Do we stand a chance?

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