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Feeling better for the first time in years…

It all started out when I was very young…

But I’m not going to bore everyone with the details of my life, they really aren’t significant for this post.

Let’s just say I was diagnosed with eczema at a very young age. I’ve suffered with it most of my life and until very recently in my life had constant open sores on my forearms, behind my knees, and at the attachment between my ear lobes and my head. It kept me from the front of the house in most restaurants that I worked at, and made me a reject for the navy. And then about a year and a half or so ago the sores healed. Sure I have had some itching and what not in those sensitive areas since, but nothing like what I suffered for the majority of my life.

Anyway about two weeks ago, my sister who’s always on the look out for such things, gives me an article she printed out about a woman who suffered similarly. When she pressed further with the doctor, they did blood work that showed she had celiac disease. Seems that non-tropical sprue, aka eczema, is a symptom of celiac. Though I’m not convinced it points directly to it, but that’s not important.

Celiac is also know as gluten intolerance, or gluten allergy. Ok, that makes some sense. I was raised in Middle America, we believe in bread at every meal… Every meal, sometimes in multiple forms. So if gluten was tied to eczema, then eliminating gluten from my diet would keep me from breaking out. Seems that gluten is linked with several different things I have been feeling. Excess tiredness and body aches to name two.

As a result, I’ve given up gluten. Now if gluten wasn’t effecting my health, I would expect to be able to give it up and not care. No side effects would be present. My experience over the past few days though has convinced me that gluten is not my friend. I suffered allergy like symptoms. My body ached from head to toe. My stomach was upset. My kidneys, or more so the area of my lower back at the kidneys, felt like Mike Tyson was using them as a punching bag. I could barely move on Thursday. Friday was better, it was day three without gluten, and I felt at least back to what I had always accepted as normal. Today I feel better than I have in more than a decade. I’m hoping that it only gets better from here.

Gluten free, day four. Luckily there’s a new store in the area catering to gluten free people.

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