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I went to the grocery store again…

Today after I picked my daughter up from school we went to the grocery store. I took her to the Metro Market in Brookfield where I tend to find some of the more interesting fruits. Today was no exception.

The studio was busy tonight after dinner because of our trip to the market. There was the Kiwano http://wp.me/PXtZQ-3L , that is also known as the Horned Melon. It looks like a sun burnt cucumber with spikes on it. Inside its bright green and very juicy. The taste is something I can say I’m glad I experienced, but wouldn’t go out of my way to get again. It tasted kind of like the flesh looked, green. Somewhat tart and lime like, with that unripe melon flavor. Not entirely unpleasant, but something that you would definitely need to get use to.

Next up was the Rambuton https://fineartfood.wordpress.com/photos/rambuton/.  This is a cousin to the Lychee. Rambuton in Malay means hairy, and I can see why this got its name. It has long tendrils on the shell that gives it a kind of freaky hairy look. Inside is a white fleshed fruit with a seed in the center. Not quite as soft and watery as a lychee, I think the flavor is far more delicate and sweeter. For me I prefer this over lychee.

Lastly, so that you don’t think I only look at the fruits is Baby Cauliflower http://fineartfood.wordpress.com/photos/baby-cauliflower/ .  I didn’t know what to make of this when I first saw it. The spiky, green, little tree like plant just made both of us go “What Is This? We have to have it.” So I went up to the produce manager and asked. My baby cauliflower never looks like this when I grow it. It tastes much like you would expect, very mildly like cauliflower.

So those are my grocery store finds this time. Like Andrew Zimmern says, “If it looks good, eat it.”

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