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Busy Evening for Fine Art Food

My picky daughter asked for turkey tetrazzini. Seems the summer program she’s in had it for lunch and she liked it. Now, I know what they had was basically cream of mushroom soup with chunks of turkey in it served over egg noodles. That’s pretty typical of school food. I knew I could do it better, and I hate casseroles. A casserole it would be though.

I know why I hate casseroles. It took me a long time to figure it out though. I would even take stove top mac and cheese over oven baked because of it. Every casserole I had growing up, whether from school, pot lucks, or my mother’s cooking were all the same. Bland sauce or worse condensed cream soup mixed with over cooked noodles and topped with crushed potato chips. Baked until brown and then let cool just until it hardened into a pile of dough. The noodles having been over cooked to begin with would just become mush after an hour in the oven. I hated it, and would as a child choose to go hungry rather than eat that, and I often did.

I know it can be done better. The secret is that you boil the noodles just until the very center is still crunchy. Only about 5 minutes, not the 7 minutes for al dente. That way when you combine the sauce, meat and noodles and bake it for 30 minutes the noodles finish to a nice firm texture.

So here is my recipe for turkey tetrazzini: http://wp.me/PXtZQ-3a

I also posted a couple more pictures to the picture section. http://wp.me/PXtZQ-3f and http://wp.me/PXtZQ-3c

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