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Only Marginally Does This Have To Do With Food…

I love my Nook.

I would probably say the same thing about the Kindle if I were the type who annotated and noted in books. The Kindle’s physical keyboard seems better suited to that than the Nooks virtual keyboard. Since I’m not big on annotation though, the cleaner lines and interface of the Nook suits me.

But why do I love it?

Simple, it gets me to read more than I ever have before. I’m actually reading for pleasure and having a hard time putting books down. Maybe its because the books I’ve been reading have been the Free Friday books, but I’m reading things I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Moreover, I’m enjoying the reading.

I just finished “Siren of the Waters” by Michael Genelin. Yeah it took me a couple weeks because I only get to read once in a while for more than a few minutes, but it was a page turner, as they say. I recommend it whole heartedly.

If art is food for the soul then food is the soul of art. That my friends is the the soul of Fine Art Food.

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