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My Bird Is Half Frozen… What’s A Boy To Do?

Why split it down the back, pry it open, and dig the innards out of course.

You all have dirty minds. I know what you were really thinking when you read the title. Actually, since I leave for work before dawn, my wife or daughter put something out for dinner in the morning before they leave. Whatever they put out I make. Unfortunately whole frozen chicken doesn’t thaw enough in one day to make it easy to work with. So, when the giblet packet doesn’t want to come out the only way to do it is to split the spine and pry the bird open. Since I went to the trouble of splitting the spine, I figured I might as well just debone the breasts and make spatchcock chicken. Its actually a style of cooking a chicken that I picked up from our hostess while we were in Russia nine years ago.

To spatchcock a chicken, you remove the spine and the breast bone then flatten the bird and roast it. I was going to grill it but its poring rain, so in the oven it goes. The beauty is, the bird will cook faster, even though its partially frozen, because more of the bird is exposed to the heat.

So that’s how to deal with a half frozen bird.

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