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Traveling the world one plate at a time…


I’m at a bit of a loss here.  Mexican was easy because there is a convenient Mexican grocery stores in town.  Chinese will be a little more of a challenge because we have oriental grocers, but nothing specifically Chinese.  I will have to be a bit more creative.  Spices, a trip to Penzey’s should satisfy the majority of my needs, a good portion of the foods I should be able to find at the better grocery stores in town.  I’m just sure that there has to be some exotic ingredient that I’ll have to search for.

I’m wondering if I can possibly pull off Peking Duck without actually finding and buying a Peking duck.  I know we won’t eat an entire duck and it would be wrong to waste the food.  So could I manage Peking style duck with domestic duck breasts?  I’ll have to ponder that for a while.  I know I can loosen the skin from the flesh, season and glaze it, but will that make it Peking duck?  Is it so important that it be perfectly authentic or more important that I get the seasoning and style right?

Oh, the questions, the questions.  All I can say it there will be mushu.

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