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The ethnic challenge…

No, I’m not talking about me being challenged by my ethnicity.  Rather this is about expanding my range and skills.  Also about exposing my daughter to the vast array of flavors, textures, and styles of the world.  I try to get her to sample things when we travel, but she’s been very reluctant.  If there’s something chicken nugget like on the menu, she’s all over it.  She keeps telling me that she wants to learn about spices, flavors and texture though.  So thus the ethnic challenge.

My first challenge is to create a week of authentic Mexican dinners.  We’re not talking tacos and nachos here, as much as we love those.  I’m talking about authentic Mexican dinners and I’m sure that not everything served in Mexico is tacos though I know that tortillas are served with most every meal.  Mostly my thought on this is:  If you can find it on the menu at Taco Bell, it won’t be made this week.

I’ve given myself a week to research the food and cooking techniques and I’m going to try to get a complete range of foods from all the different regions of Mexico.  So I’m seeing beef, pork, chicken, and fish as the meats.  When we were in Cancun we had the most fantastic pork dish at a roadside restaurant somewhere between the hotel and Chichen Itza for lunch one day.  Then Mayan shrimp in banana leaf at a “mall” restaurant for dinner another night.  Mall in Mexico was kind of a different concept, not as strange as the mall concept in Russia.

Ok, I’m loosing focus here.  Starting next Saturday its Mexican week in my household.  Hopefully I’ll figure out how to do video and be able to show some of the process.  Don’t expect much, I don’t have a real video camera.  My videos would be coming off either my little Kodak point and shoot, or my Blackberry.  But maybe this might just be the impetus to get me to spend money on a camera that can do video well.

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